Get Rid of Tight Hip Flexors Pain by Stretching Exercise

Hey guys Lora here and today I’m going to show you three exercises that you can do to stretch your hip flexors. Stay tuned alright so let’s get started first real quick why might we want to stretch the front of our hip. well for a lot of us when we sit for long periods of time that creates a lot of shortening in the hip flexor and the quad and so then when we get up to go move or exercise we don’t have as much hip extension available as we could and that limits our ability to really find or activate your glutes and it also increases our odds of creating pulling tension or pain through the low back in the hips so all you’re going to need to do for this routine is a bolster or a rolled-up yoga mat or blanket.

First Stretching Exercise to Prevent Hip Flexor Pain.

So first I’m going to show you, you’re going to grab said bolster or yoga mat you’re going to lie on your back knees bent feet flat and you’re going to put the roller underneath your hips you’re going to let your hips just settle down onto your bolster or mat and then you’re going to let both knees come into your chest.

So once you’re in this position what you’re going to feel like is you’re kind of in like an angry Halloween cat position. Where your back is really round. I want you to keep that it’s going to give you more opening in your hip interlace your fingers around the top of your right shin or underneath your right thigh up to you I like keeping that right like hugged in and the pubic bone rolling towards the ceiling slowly extend your left leg out and then once you’ve reached that left leg out it may or may not touch the ground.

unlock your hip flexors pain

But you should start to feel some decent opening down the front of your hip so for some of you this will be quite intense if you’re in  that camp I want you to stay there but  if you’re doing okay continue to hug  your leg in with your right arm and then slowly reach your left arm up overhead and then really create optimal energy reaching through your left leg in your left hand and that should create even more opening down the front of your hip and quad you’re going to stay here and  breathe for three to five easy breaths and switch sides.

Second Stretching Exercise to Relieve Tight Hip Flexor Strain.

Alright, so the second exercise I’m going to show you. You don’t need any equipment though if you are really tight in the front of your hips and you know that you may want to grab a yoga strap or some sort of other bands to kind of put around your foot to assist.

second exercise for hip flexor pain

So for this one you’re going to come down onto your stomach you’re going to have your legs touching or if that’s uncomfortable in your low back just about sit bone distance apart your left hand will reach forward and you’re going to let your forehead rest down on your left hand. I’m keeping my head up just because I have a mic but for you just let your forehead rest down on the ground so now you’re going to gently press your pubic bone towards the floor.
So again you’re kind of stabilizing the low back and taking the pull or the arch out  of it you’re going to bend your right knee and then you’re going to grab your right ankle with your right hand if you can’t do this without extending your back I would suggest grabbing that strap or towel and putting it around your foot  and then from here you’re just going to continue to kind of tuck your pelvis under press your pubic bone towards the floor and think about letting the knees  kind of come in towards one another and  you should start to feel a decent pull down through the top of your right leg  we’re going to stay here for about thirty seconds and then switch sides.

Third Stretching Exercise for Hip Flexor pain.

Alright so the third stretch I’m going to show you is a kneeling hip flexor stretch what your knees come to kneeling and you’re going to take your left leg forward your right leg back. Now a lot of people when they do this stretch it’s not an uncommon one but they tend to just dive directly into it and you might feel a hip stretch.
third stretching tip for hip painhip flexor strain relieve
When you do that but for a  lot of us that creates a lot of pulling in the low back which isn’t so great so Before you go I actually want you to start by again tucking your pelvis under so your pubic bone presses forward and  that’s going to create more opening down the front of your right leg and then from here for me I’m tight enough that I actually feel that alone you can lean a little bit forward which will increase your stretch you can hang here and breathe or if you want a little bit more  you can take your right arm overhead do  a gentle lean to the right side but  continue to kind of tuck that pelvis  under finding that little bit of opening in the front of the right hip you can  stay here for about thirty seconds  and then switch sides.

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